New Products
  Introducing our new 2010 National Parks Coin Holder.   


  NEW Ultraview 360®  

Introducing the revolutionary new way
to display edge encused writing

• Fits Presidential and SAC Dollars
• No “tabs” or “fingers” to obstruct
view of coin edge writing
• Fits standard NGC and PCGS
storage boxes
• Can be ultrasonically welded
• Perfect for private grading services
• Design allows for a generous
label 1.25” x 2.00”
Learn more about this exciting new product 440.632.5800!

  NEW Online Catalog

Capital Plastics Launches New On-line Currency and Coin Holder Catalog

To serve our customers better and provide access to our full range of products, Capital Plastics has launched a new on-line currency and coin holder Webstore. 

We request that you first try to purchase your Capital coin and currency holders through your authorized distributor or local coin shop. Please refer to our listing of distributors.

When your area authorized distributor is unable to service your needs, the Capital Webstore is an easy and convenient way to purchase your numismatic supplies click here to access our NEW online catalog.


  Introducing our new Birth Announcement Coin & Picture Holder.   
  Record this special memory with a custom made Capital Coin and Picture Holder. Insert is designed to hold a picture, Jefferson nickel, your State quarter, and the baby's birth statistics.

Call our customer service department to order your lasting memory.



6.5" x 6.5" Galaxy Case, Coin and Picture Holder
with easel; includes gift box

$29.95 plus Shipping and Handling



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Middlefield, Ohio 44062-9407 (Greater Cleveland Area)
email: [email protected]

PH: 440.632.5800
Fax: 440.632.0012

ISO 9001/2000 Registered

We do NOT sell coins, medals; currency or cards and they are NOT included in the price of our products.
Pricing subject to change.

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